Players with the Most Shots for Chelsea in the 2022-2023 season

Chelsea's Disappointing Season: Players Who Attempted the Most Shots

Saturday, 8 July 2023 at 00:00, UK

Kai Havertz wearing a Chelsea Jersey

There is someone on this list who is most definitely going to surprise you because he spent just only half a season and still managed to make number 2 on the list.

7 - Benjamin Chilwell, Chrisian Pulisic (18 attempts)

Both Benjamin Chilwell and Christian Pulisic had 18 shot attempts, placing them at number 7 on this list. Although they both made 30 appearances, Pulisic demonstrated higher shot accuracy, with a 44% success rate compared to Chilwell's 22%. However, Chilwell managed to score 2 goals, while Pulisic scored just 1.

Pulisic looks to set to join AC Milan for a fee of around 22 million euros while Chilwell just recently lost his dad to chronic illness.

6 - Conor Gallagher (23 attempts)

Conor Gallagher earned the nickname "teacher's pet" among Chelsea fans due to his frequent appearances in the starting lineup.

He made a remarkable 45 appearances during the 2022-2023 season, second only to Kai Havertz, who made 47. Gallagher had 23 shot attempts with an impressive accuracy of 61% and scored 3 goals across all competitions, including a memorable strike against Crystal Palace.

5 - Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (25 attempts)

Aubameyang's signing has been disappointing for Chelsea fans, as he has struggled to replicate his form from his time at Arsenal. His lackluster performance led to his exclusion from the team, even being left out of the Champions League squad in the second half of the season.

Despite making only 21 appearances, Aubameyang had 25 shot attempts with a 60% accuracy, resulting in 3 goals. Improving his work rate on the pitch will be crucial for him to succeed at Chelsea.

4 - Mason Mount (29 attempts)

Mason Mount has left Chelsea for Old Trafford. Despite his campaign being cut short due to contract renewal issues, he managed 29 shot attempts in just 35 appearances. Mount scored 3 goals with a shooting accuracy of 48%, primarily during the first half of the 2022-2023 season.

3 - Sterling (36 attempts)

Raheem Sterling joined Chelsea from Manchester City at the start of the 2022-2023 season with high expectations. However, inconsistent displays and vulnerability in losing possession have been points of concern.

Sterling had 36 shot attempts in 38 appearances, boasting an impressive shooting accuracy of 64%. He contributed the most goals for Chelsea across all competitions, with 13 goal contributions (9 goals, 4 assists).

Under Pochettino's guidance, Sterling has the potential to regain his best form.

2 - Joao Felix (37 attempts)

Joao Felix made an impressive debut for Chelsea, but his form faded over time, like other Chelsea attackers.

Despite joining the team midway through the season, he had the second-highest number of shot attempts for Chelsea in the 2022-2023 season. In 20 games, Felix made 37 shot attempts, scoring 4 goals and hitting the woodwork on several occasions.

Chelsea opted not to make his transfer permanent, and he has returned to Atletico Madrid, awaiting further decisions regarding his future.

1 - Kai Havertz (82)

Kai Havertz, who had the most appearances for Chelsea in the 2022-2023 season, also had the highest number of shot attempts. Deployed mainly as a striker, Havertz had an astounding 82 shot attempts, significantly surpassing Joao Felix in second place with 37 attempts. Havertz scored 9 goals from his 82 attempts, making him the joint-top scorer for Chelsea, along with Sterling.

Please note that Kai Havertz has now moved to Arsenal for a reported fee of £65 million, where he is likely to play as a midfielder. Throughout his time at Chelsea, Havertz played in multiple positions without truly excelling in any. We wish him the best of luck in his new endeavor!

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